Creative Ways to present Scripture to children, youth and adults

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Rina Wintour, Author
Through the prayers, liturgies, reflections, plays and dramatic techniques, my aim is to nourish and nurture the religious imagination. I believe God is Mystery. I also believe it is not possible to ‘teach’ Mystery. All religious educators or liturgists can do, is to provide experiences and environments in which children and adults are enabled and encouraged to ‘encounter’ the Mystery that we call God.
Drama bags can be used to encourage children / adults to express a feeling or respond to a story or a piece of Scripture. There are numerous ways of using drama bags and children just love them! They are suitable for all ages.
The best way to learn about drama bags is to come along to a workshop.
Mountjoy Enterprises can supply you with all the drama bags you require. These are made to order by my friend and colleague, Carole Danby. See ‘Order Forms’ for details and costs.
Mountjoy Enterprises has resources for celebrating Children;s Liturgy of the Word celebrations in Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time, Advent and Christmas.


‘Just Imagine the Old Testament’ has been co-authored by Rina Wintour and Carole Danby.

It introduces the reader to some wonderful stories from the Old Testament or First Testament. In this resource, these stories are drawn from Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, 1 Samuel, 1 Kings, Nehemiah, Psalms and Isaiah.

What is different in this resource from other books in the Just Imagine series is the background information and reflection provided for leaders.

There are also 5 beautiful reflections accompanied by gentle background music and presented as PowerPoint presentations.