Mountjoy Enterprises was established in 1998 in Brisbane, Australia.

The first book published in 1998 was ‘Sacred Celebrations: Liturgies for Children’. It was an instant hit with teachers and children’s liturgy teams who were looking for simple yet creative ways to pray with children. Many other publications, including PowerPoint reflections (on CD) have followed and are listed on this site.

Probably the best known of my resources are the Just Imagine books which contain many creative ideas for bringing Scripture alive for children, young people and adults.

Many of my books provide creative ideas, prayers and rituals for use with children, youth and adults in a variety of contexts: school, liturgy, retreats, kids clubs, youth groups and many others.

Rina Wintour

My name is Rina Wintour and my business is called Mountjoy Enterprises.

My background is in education and I have wide experience in Primary school teaching. I have also worked with secondary and tertiary teachers and students and with adults who are involved in ministry with children, youth, families and other adults.

My qualifications include a Master of Religious Education (Australian Catholic University), a Graduate Diploma in Theology (Sydney College of Divinity), a Diploma in Theological Studies (Brisbane Institute of Faith Education), a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching (both from Mt Gravatt Teachers’ College, Brisbane).

I am also a Biblical Storyteller.

Carole has wide experience working with ministers and leaders from many different Christian churches, as well as teachers of religion in Catholic schools and Government schools.

For many years, Carole has been a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, an organisation whose core activity is the telling of the sacred stories of the biblical tradition in our post-literate electronic culture. Carole uses her skills as a storyteller in the State School classroom where she has been a volunteer Religious Education teacher for more than 25 years.

Carole also makes and sells drama bags for Mountjoy Enterprises.